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Suri Alpacas

The Alpacas Of Spring Acres

Suri Alpacas

“In ancient Inca civilization, Suri was reserved for Kings and Queens. Today, treat yourself as royalty by experiencing the luxury of exotic and exquisite Suri fiber.”


  • Long lustrous locks
  • Cool, slick handle
  • Soft to the touch
  • Provides drape
  • Shows off dyed colors radiantly
  • Comes in many natural colors


Domesticated over 6,000 years ago, alpacas were treasured by the Incas for their soft and elegant fiber. Suri fiber, in particular, was revered as fiber only for royalty! However, with the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, who preferred their native sheep, alpacas were nearly exterminated, and it wasn’t until the mid-1800’s that alpaca fiber was “re-discovered” by the British textile industry.

Suri Today

Suri fiber is experiencing a wonderful “renaissance” today as artisans come to appreciate its lustrous, cool feeling and its presentation of drape and elegance. As a result, Suri is showing up in all sorts of applications – just take a look!



Spinners love the feel of this fiber as it glides through their fingers and onto the wheel. Once a spinner works with this fiber, there’s no going back.


Knitters are just discovering this fiber, but it’s catching on like wildfire. The fineness, luster and drape that Suri offers are all features prized by knitters and it’s moving Suri off the shelf and onto needles.


Suri has been used in commercial outerwear garments for years in a brushed form. Today, weavers are starting to use this fiber in a multitude of new ways. From handwoven apparel to home furnishings to fabric worn close to the skin, Suri is hitting home with weavers as they discover its beauty and elegance.

Whether it’s spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, needlepoint or any other needlearts craft, Suri is starting to show up. So, put your hands on this exquisite fiber and find out what all the excitement is about!

Why Suri Alpaca Fiber?

Suri Alpaca Fiber is rare, less than 10% of worldwide alpaca fiber is Suri. It has the luster of silk, the softness of cashmere, is warmer and stronger than wool and is water resistant. It is Hypoallergenic (lanolin free), easy to dye and comes in 22 natural colors! Alpacas bred in the U.S. for genetics have micron counts in the low teens, making this great fiber close to silk!

Thermal InsulationExcellentModerateAlpaca fiber is very fine..between 16 and 30 microns, and has a unique hollow insulating core.
Fiber StrengthExcellentModerateAlpaca fiber is very strong resulting in more durable apparel.
ComfortExcellentExcellentBoth fibers are very comfortable due to the low micron count.
Water AbsorptionExcellentExcellentBoth fibers are water resistant as compared with other natural fibers.
Wear ResistanceExcellentModerateCashmere is much more prone to ‘pilling’ due to its short length and delicate structure.
Wrinkle ResistanceExcellentModerateAlpaca is much more resistant making this material excellent for travel wear.
Stretch ResistanceExcellentPoorCashmere easily stretches and often ‘clings’ to you.
 Alpaca - RareGoat - CommonChina mass produces over 67% of all cashmere products. Most of our alpaca products are crafted by small artisan shops in Peru.
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