We are offering farm tours! We charge $10 per person over the age of 2 for tours. Message us to schedule your tour.


We’re so glad you’re here! We are in the development stages of establishing a new rescue, special for Suri Alpacas. We have been in the Suri Alpaca business since 2008 and it’s been a wild ride. Over the years we have heard stories of farms that have gone out of business. We’ve always been concerned for the welfare of the animals and have searched for a way to help. We decided that we wanted to do everything we could to help alpacas in need, and so the SAR journey began.

Our Mission:

To protect the quality of life of Suri Alpacas, so that each one can live a full, healthy and happy existence. We are active in the preservation of the suri breed.

The Alpacas Of Spring Acres Suri Alpaca Rescue