covid-19-image  Due to COVID-19, the farm will be closed to all visitors until the social distancing order is lifted. This includes tours, the farm store, Farm Days and the Bed & Breakfast. We hope our community is staying safe and healthy. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or message us on our contact page. - Thanks for your understanding.


Barn Care

Farm chores aren’t always glamorous, but it’s a rewarding task, especially when you get to work surrounded by alpacas! Every morning, each barn gets swept, poop piles are scooped, alpacas are fed, and hay is restocked. Some jobs are more physically demanding than others, but if you can push a broom, we can use your help!

The Alpacas Of Spring Acres Suri Alpaca Rescue
The Alpacas Of Spring Acres Suri Alpaca Rescue

Property Maintenance

Naturally, there are duties that must be done every once in a while to keep the farm beautiful and functional. Mowing grass, power-washing, painting, gardening, really the list is unending. If you’re interested in helping, but want to avoid the barns, these projects may be your opportunity to give!

Animal Care

Alpacas are our passion. We do our best to keep them happy and healthy. This includes annual shearing of their fleece, keeping toe nails trimmed and several times a year we do “herd health.” This is where each animal gets a once over. We document their weight, check their teeth, their eyes and give them any necessary shots. Extra hands are always helpful with animal care.

The Alpacas Of Spring Acres Suri Alpaca Rescue
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Visit Southeastern Ohio’s largest Suri alpaca farm. Book a tour, schedule an event or simply take some time to experience nature at its finest with more than 80 alpacas on 180 acres.

The Alpacas of Spring Acres

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