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Dr Ronald Vincent, Spokane, WA
Dr Albert Camma, Zanesville, OH
Dr Peter Sheptak, Hilton Head, SC
Dr Victor Bazzone, Gulfport, MS

30-year Reunion

“Chesapeake Bay Underwater Society”

In June of 1986 an intrepid group of Neurosurgeons (often referred to as “Tony’s Boys”) gathered together from across the country at Point Lookout Marina in Virginia to honor and celebrate the recent retirement of their old Pittsburgh University mentor, professor of Neurosurgery, and friend, Dr Anthony Susen, MD.

The world came close to losing six of them!

After several days of eating, fishing, playing poker, and being challenged, boarded and searched by the coast guard who wanted to know just what this boatload of grubby looking guys was doing out on the Chesapeake Bay in a big cabin cruiser, a final dinner on the boat was enjoyed before everyone headed back to their surgical practices the next day. A suggestion was made to take a final cruise to watch the sun set from the Bay in Tony’s smaller 20 ft. Cabin cruiser.

Within an hour after sunset the boat was at the bottom of the bay and six of them were floating in the frigid Chesapeake Bay waters, being dined on by a steady flow of jelly fish as the tidal flow changed. Fortunately, they were found about 5:30 the next AM by an early morning crab fisherman and all survived.

One doesn’t forget such an adventure. Periodically those neurosurgeons who are still alive or able to gather to remember their old professor and departed friends. And such a reunion just occurred this week, 30 years to the day after that fateful trip.

The Alpacas of Spring Acres was chosen to host the 3-day reunion.

1997 Limited Edition Print

By Mary Ann Bucci, Zanesville, OH

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